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Welcome to RhueTalk.com

My name is Greg Rhue, founder and call maker of Rhue Talk Waterfowl Weapons. I grew up in Eastern North Carolina and started waterfowl hunting in the swamps and creeks of Grifton, NC. Now most of my waterfowl trips are a combination of rivers and creeks and “the big water”.

RTWW was birthed August 2011 while having dinner with a co-worker, Jimbo Robinson. While showing a couple early calls to my friends, they encouraged me to pursue my hobby. I began to experiment with different barrel shapes and finishes and finally developed one that I hope is appealing to the waterfowl hunter.

Each barrel is hand turned from the domestic or exotic wood of your choice listed in the duck call section – no CNC machines or duplicating machines are used so each barrel is unique. The inserts are Echo double reed and available in clear, smoked, amber, orange, green or black.

You’ll find my calls are reasonably priced and well made. I offer a 100% refund or replacement if you’re not 100% satisfied with one of my waterfowl weapons.


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